AP Administration Panel

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13-06-2010 Added an new style/color (grey) and a Price drop ;)

AP Administration Panel – A massive administration panel.

The AP Administration Panel is a (html)admin skin that comes with lots of usable (jQuery)effects, almost every thing works, go and see it for you self!

This skin theme comes in 3 color styles(more is comming)

Blue skin here
Red skin here
Dark blue skin here
Grey skin here(NEW)

About AP Administration Panel.
  • working jQuery toggle
  • working jQuery delete boxes/dialogs
  • working drag and drop(sortables)
  • working sortables(tables)
  • working dropline menu
  • jQuery calendar(datepicker)
  • live editable fields
  • select multiple checkboxes
  • working WYSIWYG editor
  • easy to use and customise jQuery cycle plugin
  • easy to customise
  • valid XHTML 1.0 Strict
  • working lightbox
  • jQuery pngfix
  • jQuery fade effect
  • Layerd PSD file
  • Supported by all brouwsers
  • jQuery tabs

When seeing live preview, hit enter or click login directly to get passed login and reach the main page.