Bolt - Responsive Premium Admin Template

Bolt is a simple admin panel built on top of powerful twitter bootstrap framework and provides a neat responsive layout with a great collection of useful UI elements. Bolt includes FontAwesome and Google Plus icon library in multi color format.

Keeping application developers in mind, bolt comes with a very neat and clean coding style which is easy to understand. The useful libraries which comes bundled with bolt will help you to set up your admin panel in a minute. And for being responsive, Bolt works just great for multiple devices.


Built on top of Twitter Bootstrap

Bolt admin template is built on top of developer friendly, elegant and sleek twitter bootstrap to keep the coding style neat and clean for the developers. With bootstrap’s amazing collection of UI elements, it’s always easy to extend Bolt to serve exactly as you want. Bolt is developers keeping developers in mind, by the developers.

Bolt - Responsive Premium Admin Template - 1


Bolt - Responsive Premium Admin Template - 2                   Responsive from the beginning

Bolt is responsive from the start. So you can take advantage of delivering your content to multiple devices without worrying much about how-tos and spend time on developing your application. Bolt works seamlessly with bigger displays to the smaller ones – without destroying the look-n-feel of your content.


Beautiful collection of UI elements

Bolt incorporates essential plugins which can be useful for you to develop the next admin panel of your web application. Careful selection of plugins makes Bolt a very good choice for the developers. Bolt is not bloated with thousands of unnecessary UI elements. Beside that, Google Plus icon library and FontAwesome is included in Bolt from the beginning.

Bolt - Responsive Premium Admin Template - 3


Bolt - Responsive Premium Admin Template - 4                   Free basic customizations for Extended License

If you have purchased the extended license of Bolt for your application, we will be happy to offer you basic modifications, integrations and installation of Bolt for free to you. Just let us know after purchasing the extended license and we are always here to help.


  • Massive collection of useful UI elements and plugins
  • Responsive from the start
  • Fontawesome and Google Plus icon set included in multicolor variants
  • Different types of charts makes it easy for data visualization
  • Gauge and Sparkline charts included
  • Event Calendar
  • Advanced forms and data elements, with validation
  • Multiple types of Image and Video galleries
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Collapsible widget
  • Sortable, resizable and filterable data tables
  • Glyphicons icon set (Black and gray), g+ icon set included
  • CSS3 animations
  • Easy tabs on any widget
  • Modal windows
  • Progress bars
  • Notifications
  • Loading animations (gif)
  • Well documented theme (always up to date)
  • Free updates for life time

  • DataTable plugin for advanced interaction controls over HTML tables
  • Advanced client side form validation plugin
  • Smartwizard form plugin
  • jQuery WYSIWYG Editor
  • Colorpicker plugin for bootstrap
  • Datepicker plugin for bootstrap
  • FullCalendar plugin for a full-sized, drag & drop calendar
  • Colorbox plugin for a customizable lightbox jQuery plugin
  • Embedly for easy embedding objects
  • Infinite scroll plugin
  • Flot plugin for rendering charts
  • Sparkline charts
  • Masked input plugin
  • jQuery Isotope
  • Flow Player Plugin
  • jQuery easytab plugin
  • jQuery numberformatter
  • jQuery UI spinner
  • Uniform jQuery plugin
  • and many more…