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Looking for a good WordPress cook theme? If you’re a housewife, chef, mom or just a lover of good food wanting to build a cooking blog or own website – Delice Dishes Light theme is right for you!


You can found instruction here.

Help & Support

Here is a FAQ directory: FAQ about CookPress Themes
If you have any questions – you can write to us: at gmail com.

Update History

Version 1.08 –17 Oct. 2016

- fixed a few bugs in new flat style "Food Blogers" 

Version 1.07 –16 Oct. 2016

+ added theme's flat style "Food Blogers" 

Version 1.06 –11 Mar. 2015

- fixed php 5.3 error in single posts 
- fixed google analytics code bug in footer

Version 1.05 – 2 Mar. 2015

+ added right to left support for Asian and Hebrew languages
+ added Google Rich Snippets support (hrecipe microformat)
+ added autor and preparation time icons
- fixed issues in mobile version

Version 1.04 – 3 Feb. 2015

- Fixed color gamma picker
- Fixed swirl elements

Version 1.03 – 3 Jan. 2015

- Fixed 2nd level menu issue
- Fixed collapse mobile menu

Version 1.02 – 4 Nov. 2014

- Fixed critical bug with block's ID in LayoutBuilder


- Added "Read more", "View more" and "Show rest" text options for better translation
- Fixed bug with horizontal scroll in mobile resolutions
- Added nice stylish background for posts without images


Version 1.01 – 14 Oct. 2014

- Added blogroll listview on frontpage

- OnePage navigation menu 2nd, 3rd levels bug fixed

- Navigation menu bugs fixed

Version 1.00

* initial released