Founder Dashboard

Very simple and very useful dashboard. Here you have the homepage, where you can see some information about the dashboard. If you like our dashboard, you can Login or Register.

For every board, you have “Product Board”. Product Board is very practical. You have modals for all neccessary things.


Homepage page:

homepage page

Home Page where you can find some informations about “founder dashboard”

homepage page

homepage page

Login page:

login page

You can login with this data:

Email: [email protected]

Pass: admin

Register page:

register page

For registration you need only: Name, Email and Password

Forgot password page:

register page

Simple forgot password page, where you can ask for new password

Founder Dashboard page:

register page

When you want to add a new project:

newproject page

If you want to visit some product, you need to choose some product and click on him

Product Board page:

productboard page

All necessary details you can find here.
Here we have modals for: “Add item”, “Add member”, “Mission list”, “Send,Delete,Invite,Archive item”, “Rename,Archive,Delete board”.
Three types of boards: PDF, IMG and TEXT.

Mobile Design

homepage page

dashboard page