Galilea–Scrollable Imageless HTML5 Template

“Galilea” HTML website template was created especially for small private guesthouses, pensions and zimmers. Thousands of such small businesses function through out the world and seldom they have good websites. Template gives a full overview of the small family enterprise including page templates of rooms types, outdoor and indoor facilities/activities, pricing tables, detailed location page and more.

However, the template can be converted into any other (I think rather small, family run) business by just replacing photos, headings and texts. Template is fully imageless (apart photos themselves, naturally). Social icons, arrows, icons, navigation links circles, buttons, lines etc are pure css. It means that there is no need even bother to open Photoshop. All is editable via css file.

Template has 10 sliding blocks with content. Extra blocks can be added easily by adding a new section to the page.

Interesting features:
  • Sliding blocks of content (possibility to slide x, y, or z directions can be set by modifying script)
  • Circular css navigation
  • Custom scrollbar (webkit browsers only)
  • Decorative line interchanging colours (you can choose and set your own preferable two colours)
  • Weather script based on Yahoo forecast
  • Navigation with: 1) menu links, 2) keyboard arrows, 3) back/forward browser button
Folder contains:
  • html files
  • css files
  • js files
  • image placeholders
  • help file in html format
Things to note:
  • Tested on: iMac (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Camino), Windows7 (IE9, Chrome, Opera), Windows XP (IE8, Chrome, Opera) + Galaxy tablet (10.1)
  • Template is relatively responsive: it shrinks up to resolution 1024px. Maximum resolution is any (however, if you want to display it on big screens, background images must be of appropriate size. Backgrounds used in demo are 1920px x 1000px wide)
  • There is certain conflict between ascensor script and street view map in IE, hence street view is disabled for IE
  • CSS styles for navigation are not reproduced by Android exactly and navigation looks not the same as on desktops. Scrolling site on Galaxy tablet may be not 100% smooth.
What “yes” and what “not”
  • Is code written in HTML5?–Yes
  • Is code 100% valid?–Yes
  • Is code well-commented?–Yes (see screenshot)
  • Is template mobile ready?–No
  • Are photographs included?–No
  • Is icon font included?–Yes
  • Is icon font used in template free for commercial use?–Yes
  • Is it possible to add any number of slides?–Yes
  • Are contact forms send messages?–No, you will need to add your own php script
  • Does template work in IE8?–Yes
  • Does template look in IE8 like in Chrome?–No
  • Is PSD included?–No, no need. Layout elements are fully css based
  • Mark Tyrrell–Blueberry
  • Lea Verou–Prefix-free
  • Zazar–zWeatherfeed