Gradient Able Angular 11 Admin Dashboard

Gradient Able is a beautiful admin dashboard template built over ng-bootstrap 4 and comes with Angular 11 too. It will help you get started developing your project dashboards in no time. Using Gradient Able Dashboard is pretty simple but require basic knowledge of javascript, CSS and of course Angular.

Gradient Able Dashboard was built on top of Google’s Angular 11 framework and Twitter’s ng-bootstrap 4 framework

Visual Presentation

Gradient Able Angular 11 Admin Dashboard - 1 Gradient Able Angular 11 Admin Dashboard - 2 Gradient Able Angular 11 Admin Dashboard - 3

Gradient Able Dashboard was well coded by codedthemes and the design was made by one of the top rated author Phoenixcoded. It has beautiful visual aesthetics which combines soft colors with well suited typography and spacious cards and graphics. It’s quite powerful tool, but is very much light and flexible to use. It has enough functionality to allow you to get the job done, it almost cover advance elements to fulfill any complex project requirement.

We really like consistency and proper design that mixes into its purpose. Gradient Able admin Dashboard is a well suited example of our astute work. Gradient Able completely powered on latest ng-bootstrap 4 version and it’s also comes with Angular 11 version.

Gradient Able is also blazing fast in HTML and Angular 11 because it completely made on standard Typescript version which not seen in other Angular Admin Dashboard Templates, for easy start or inspiration for your project, we have also create a set of example pages, how to start videos.

Gradient Able Version Change Logs :
Angular 11+ support 08-12-2020

-Released 24-09-2020