Launching Soon - Under Construction Page

Launching Soon is an under construction template/theme or coming soon page which includes a desktop browser version as well as a mobile browser version.

Use this theme as a temporary “Under Construction” page for your site.

It may be especially useful for those who own a .mobi domain and have yet to develop a site for it OR for those who have a mobile focused site in the works and require an under construction and e-mail notification page.

Launching Soon Theme Features:

  • HTML 5 + CSS3
  • Fluid (%) OR Fixed (px) Based Layout – your choice!
  • CUFON Font Replacement
  • Fully Functional AJAX E-mail Subscription Form – no need for MySql Database!
  • Multiple Mobile Browser Detection Scripts to Choose From
  • Complete PSD’s included
  • Animated Progress Bar
  • Countdown Timer alternative NEW
  • E-mail notification for new subscribers NEW
  • Tweet & Facebook buttons NEW
  • Twitter feed NEW
  • Included is a desktop version and a mobile browser version

NOTE: Please disregard any irregularities in the theme preview such as extra spacing and some characters that may look out of whack. This is merely an issue caused by the encryption software that i’ve used to try to prevent the ripping of the theme. I guarantee you that the theme itself looks and validates 100% or your money back  :)

NOTE TO ALL POTENTIAL BUYERS: Please refrain from posting your URL of where you have used this file in the comments section as i am trying my best to prevent ripping of this and other files. Instead e-mail me your URL if it’s utterly important for me to see it live. Thanks for understanding – Pedrodonkey

Theme Previews

Desktop Version Preview
Mobile Version Preview

These previews have been encrypted to prevent theft. Unfortunately the encrypted preview in IE will not work at all and it seems broken. I guarantee you it works 100% in IE or your money back.

02/10/2011 – Version 2 released. Includes Twitter and FB buttons, Twitter news feed, slignt modification to the design.
06/02/2011 – Updated subscribe.php to send an e-mail notification when new user subscribes to list.
09/01/2011 – Added a count down clock alternative to the progress bar.
01/12/2010 – All buttons are now CSS3 for easier color modifications. You can still use image sprites if desired.