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What is Vantage?

Vantage is a Wordpress theme, you’ve always wanted. It comes with 4 modes. 4 Modes meaning 4 totally different looks. Its like having 4 different themes packed into one. Vantage is fully drag and drop, so you can pretty much build anything. Apart from that, you get the most advanced Menu Controls which includes everything from Fixed Menu, Side Menu to Animations. To sum it all, Vantage will help you achieve a variety of layouts with modern effects without having to code.

What are Modes?

Modes are the powerhouse for Vantage. They revamp your website with a new incredible design with just 1 click. Vantage as of now comes with 4 modes: Multipurpose, Magazine, Blog, Photographer.

Multipurpose Mode

Multipurpose Mode is the default mode for Vantage. This page is also built using Multipurpose Mode. You can build various types of websites, from eCommerce to Agency to Corporate. Multipurpose if the default mode with Vantage. It can pretty much help you with every Niche and is your usual premium theme, with only some added features and better looks. Nothing less. You’re good with the multipurpose mode for building a variety of websites ranging from Agency to eCommerce to Construction, but hey, don’t limit yourself to just those. Multipurpose also offers the highest level of support with popular plugins and is the most flexible mode.

Mode Highlights

    • Mega Menu
    • Projects Post Type
    • Staff Post Type
    • Testimonials Post Type
    • Partner Post Type
    • Advanced Module Effects
    • Page Title Background
    • Page Title Parallax Effects
    • Recent Testimonials Widget
    • Recent Projects Widget
    • WooCommerce Compatible
    • bbPress Compatible

    Magazine Mode

    Magazine Mode as the name indicates is specifically for Magazine Websites. Built using Google’s Material Design it is effective in displaying various posts elegantly maintaining a fast loading time. We thought of redefining magazines and coming up with something simple, both for you to manage and for your users to browse. We did not want to overload it with alot of moving stuff, squeezed together everything to fit in more than its supposed to. Vantage’s Magazine Mode provides you the layout for an ideal content based website. All you have to do is to add your content. Magazine mode has its own set of widgets and customizable options and the homepage is is built using the page builder so you can modify anything and everything.

    Mode Highlights

    • Material Design
    • Featured Posts Carousel
    • Trending Posts
    • Open Side Menu 
    • Flexible Layout
    • Stylish Widgets
    • Easy to Browser Posts

    Blogger Mode

    Its simple, its minimal, its fast & responsive, its our blogger mode! If you’re a blogger, then there you have it, your reason to buy Vantage. Its absolutely customizable, super minimal and yet super powerful because the beauty of your content matters. Impress your readers with the smooth transition of your posts. The way blogger mode is crafted is such that your users can read the whole post from the homepage itself but it still does not make your whole page tough to scroll through. Wondering how it looks? Checkout the demo.

    Mode Highlights

    • Minimal and Elegant
    • Simple homepage
    • Expandable Posts
    • Smooth Transitions
    • Click-to-Expand Post
    • Slide in Post Navigation
    • Multiple Post Layouts
    • Offers fastest reading experience to your readers

    Photographer Mode

    Photographer Mode is another creative concept design. Featuring a full width slider with some mouse based parallax effects, Photographer Mode is ideal for if you are a Photographer. It is fully responsive and offers awesome effects which can also be disabled if you like it smooth. It also offers multiple layouts for your title. There’s alot coming to Photographer very soon.

    Mode Highlights

    • Full Screen Slider
    • Cursor Based Parallax
    • Multiple Slide Transition Effects
    • Smooth Transitions 
    • Photo Gallery
    • Full Screen Navigation

    How Flexible is Vantage?

    When we first started building Vantage, we had a list of random things laid out which we wanted Vantage to be able to do without any issues. The list comprised of pretty much all of ours and yours common customization requirements with some decent additions to them. Once we had, the list of things we had to achieve, we got straight to it. And now when we look at Vantage, we’re able to pretty much do anything with it even if we forgot about its superpowers (Modes, wink wink.) for a minute. Eitherways, its virtually impossible for a theme to be able to do “Everything” but then we build this awesome support system onlly for helping you with that extra bit of customizations! Tl;dr its pretty darn flexible.

    Here are some of the things Vantage offers out of the box:

    • Switch Mode
    • Mode Configurations
    • Website Width
    • Background Color/Image
    • Background Position, Size, Position
    • Smoothscroll on/off
    • Selection Color
    • Link color (Regular/Hover)
    • Text Formatting – Body and Heading (Font family, Size, Weight, Color, Spacing, Color)
    • Show/Hide Sidebar
    • Post Thumbnail Hover Effect (8 Effects)
    • Title Parallax
    • Title Padding (Post and Page)
    • Title Overlay
    • Title Color & Alignment
    • Preloaders (Full Screen or Progress Bar)
    • Enable/Disable Components of Posts
    • Reponsive Menu
    • Fixed Menu
    • Enable/Disable Topmenu
    • Side Menu
    • Enable/Disable Sidemenu
    • Menu Bar Dimensions
    • Menu Breakpoint
    • Full Width Menu
    • Text/Image Logo
    • Logo Height
    • Menu Styling (Background, Link color, Hover Colors, Typography)
    • Offcanvas/Fade in / Slide in effect
    • Hide Topmenu on Page Load
    • Fixed Menu on Scroll
    • Resize Menu on Scroll
    • Change Logo and link color or scroll
    • Add icons to menu
    • Mega Menu Support
    • Animated Toggle icons
    • Menu Animations and Delays
    • Add Widgets to Sidemenu
    • Enable/Disable Footer Widgets
    • Footer Widgets Layout
    • Footer Background
    • Footer Widget Styling
    • Enable/Disable Copyrights Area
    • Copyrights Area Styling
    • Footer Alignment
    • Widget Styling
    • Register Custom Sidebars
    • Portfolio Post Type
    • Projects Post Type
    • Galleries Post Type
    • Staff Post Type
    • Testimonials Post Type
    • Rename Post type Slugs (Portfolio, Projects, Galleries, Testimonials, Downloads, Staff)
    • Access Management for Drag and Drop builder and Post Types
    • Custom Archives Page
    • Custom Search Results Page
    • Custom 404 Page
    • Register New Menus
    • Add any Fontawesome Icon to menu
    • Keyboard Based Navigation in Photographer Mode
    • Show/Hide Menu on any Page
    • Show/Hide Page Title on any Page
    • Placeholder Page title Background (Set featured image to replace it)
    • Show/Hide Footer on any Page
    • Import Page layouts with a single click
    • Custom CSS
    • Import/Export Settings

    Drag and Drop Builder

    Vantage is fully drag and drop and comes with Live Composer Page builder plugin with some added options by us. It has a variety of modules and you can further control everything from paddings and margins to font families and font weights.

    Custom Post Layouts

    The custom post layouts option or Post Templates option allows you to predefine some post layout which can be assigned just with a single click.


    Vantage offers a strong Topmenu with is powered by Supermenu. It allows you to do a whole range of effects and apart from its detailed customization options.


    You can also add a Sidemenu, called Superside menu and add logo, menus, widgets & Copyrights message.You can also make this menu full width or keep it offcanvas.

    Custom Page Options

    You can now individually control page elements like Menu, Page Title, Footer, Copyrights are, add a subtitle for a page by the Custom Options added by Vantage under each page.

    SEO Friendly

    Vantage is well coded enough to make it SEO friendly. The smooth responsiveness and the fast speed only adds up.

    Regular Updates

    We have some big plans for Vantage so we promise Regular updates which’ll always keep you excited!


    We have a dedicated Support team for all your questions. We try and keep the response time on our forum under 8 hours. Visit our SUPPORT CENTER